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My name is Liz Munroe Hedstrom. Since 1996, I have held various technical roles for large companies and startups including software engineering, business analysis, product management and web development. My passion is creating useful products. I also love to cook.

Currently, I create a product called WeddingHappy. WeddingHappy is a mobile app designed for both grooms (yes, grooms!) and brides who want guidance in their planning and a simple way to organize their plans.

I am not available for hire. Please say "hi" anytime.

weddinghappy app is awesome! Wedding Happy, my second iPhone app. A million+ weddings served.

calendar happy Calendar Happy, my first iPhone app. Wrote this so I could read meeting requests and see if my manager called a 1:00pm meeting while I was out to lunch. Why do managers call 1:00pm meetings at 12:15pm? See previous paragraph for why I don't work at a large company anymore.

twitter I'm lizhedstrom @codergirlLiz on Twitter.

Facebook My facebook page is facebook.com/codergirl

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